WhatsApp Marketing

Innovative approach in Customer Acquisition!

In 2017, we introduced WhatsApp marketing as an alternative to SMS marketing.

SMS Marketing as a way of communication between a brand and a potential customer lost its credibility, being overused by numerous companies in the UAE.

The misuse of this ‘used-to-be a great’ marketing channel has led to a significant decrease in the open rate and ROI from the SMS campaigns.

It was a time to create something new and fresh, that can get results and WhatsApp Marketing was an answer.

WhatsApp allows creating a campaign using videos and images, that make a message bright, friendly and creative. Which results in an 87% higher open rate.

WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

Technically, it is impossible to send bulk WhatsApp messages manually from the application. It is forbidden by the Privacy Policy of WhatsApp company. Not mentioning, that it would take months to execute a campaign for 100,000 numbers.

Knowing this, we created a WhatsApp Marketing Software and used an algorithm to our benefit. Now, we can send up to 200,000 messages a day.

Here are the advantages on how to benefit from WhatsApp Marketing Campaign done by GPS Marketing Agency:


Based on our marketing goal we select the audience from the GPS Marketing database or Client’s database. Usually, we use a GPS Marketing database to target new customers and increase awareness for our clients. The database of the client is used to communicate with existing customers, which is crucially important. We all know it’s 5 times cheaper to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one.


We offer many features to customize our client’s campaigns, including the customizable name of the WhatsApp channel, so the clients will see who sent the message and WhatsApp profile picture.


The message that you send to your customers is very important, it can raise or decrease the chances of purchase by 50%.

We have the option of sending a text and an image to make it more interactive.

NOTE: WhatsApp Advertising image size should not exceed 2 MB.

Unlike SMS, where there is a limit of 160 characters, the WhatsApp message can contain as many characters as needed. Though, we advise keeping it short and straight to the point, highlighting which call to action you want your customer to take.

Besides, in the text, we can insert links to your social media, website, etc., as well as the phone number.

The ADVANTAGES of WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns are incredible:

  • only 7% of the UAE companies use WhatsApp as a marketing channel to reach to the new audience;
  • 90% of the WhatsApp messages are read within 3 minutes;
  • 98% will be most likely read by the end of the day;
  • 34% will reply to the WhatsApp message;
  • 87% of people trust business messages on other marketing channels rather than SMS.

With all the pros WhatsApp Marketing is 98% more efficient than SMS Marketing, so it is better to send 1 WhatsApp campaign than 2 SMS campaigns.

WhatsApp Marketing in Dubai:
Here are the examples of the best WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns that we have done for our beloved clients:
Dreamworks Spa, Beneloom, The Retreat Palm Dubai, Metropolitan Premium Properties, Hamac, Doner and Gyros just to name few.

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