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Message From Kate, The Managing Director

GPS Marketing Agency is a full-fledged award-winning digital marketing agency, successfully operating in Dubai, UAE, since August 2014. During the past years, we expanded our activities to GCC and proudly grew to be in the Top 100 Marketing and Advertising Agencies in the MENA region, the Best Social Media Agency in Dubai, and a “Superbrand” in 2021.
“Success comes when you do what you love, with love. Love makes us be generous, caring and willing to help. Love drives us to work longer hours, be more creative and execute smarter campaigns. GPS Marketing is not a company, GPS Marketing is a family that cares about each client as a family member.” – Kate Mogylevska, Founder and Managing Director of GPS Marketing Agency.
Our philosophy is to deliver high impact marketing that is accessible and affordable for a business of any size and shape, whether it’s a startup or an established multinational organization. As the best digital marketing agency in Dubai, we promote an innovative approach to marketing science and believe in the opposite way of thinking.
Our vision is to grow the businesses of our clients through multiple digital marketing channels, such as lead generation on social media and search engines, creating captivating social media marketing strategies, providing exquisite photography and video production services that hold the breath of the potential buyers, website design and development, radio advertising, outdoor advertising, and email marketing services.
Marketing is more than just an industry, it is a responsibility for someone’s dream. We, as marketers, don’t work with brands, we work on someone’s vision of a better future.

Be #Fabulous with GPS Marketing Agency.

Our Team


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Maha Mukhtar

Social Media Manager

Mostafa Nabil

Web Developer &
Digital Marketing

Adel Aboelfetouh

Digital Marketing

Georgiy Murdasov

Digital Marketing, En & Russian

Vlada Kindra

Copywriter, En & Russian

Zainab Eltaha

Copywriter, En & Ar

Nadisha D’Souza

Content Creator &
Graphic Designer

Mazen Abd El Hamid

Content Creator,
Copywriter En & Ar

John Jimenea

Photographer &

Willan Rivera





Content Creator

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