Targeted Followers for Social Media

Why is Social Media presence so important for a business?

  • Firstly, it is the most affordable way to expose your brand to a bigger audience
  • Secondly, it is the easiest way to communicate directly with your potential customers.

We offer a tailored service to reach your existing and potential customers through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, by creating dynamic marketing strategies that get results.


Using our in-house proprietary software, we engage more than 20,000 people with your brand monthly.

After defining the target audience and developing a marketing strategy for your brand, we target potential clients based on three criteria:

  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interests

When this filtering strategy is ready, we engage your potential clients by ‘liking’ their pictures, commenting on their posts, ‘following’ and sending them a ‘direct message’ to show them how much we value them. By applying our technique, we guarantee the natural growth of the organic followers base on 1,000 every month.

#GPSMARKETING_TIP: An Instagram presence is essential for a business of any size, operating in the UAE and the Middle East.


Facebook is a very popular Social Media platform among the audiences aged between 35-60.

With another part of our in-house proprietary software, especially designed for Facebook Marketing, we find people based on:

  • Nationality
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Interests

The process of attraction is similar to the Instagram; we engage people with your brand by ‘following’, messaging and inviting them to follow back to stay updated and maintain the engagement. We engage with thousands of potential clients and send over 1000 messages monthly.

#GPSMARKETING_TIP: Facebook is a must for a business, that aims to reach clients of the age 35+


LinkedIn is well known as an effective and reliable ‘Business to Business’ Social Media platform. However, this is just a part of it’s potential. We use LinkedIn to reach clients with very precise targeting; namely by income.

Using our in-house proprietary software, we can offer to connect and message 5000 people per month, based on their location, profession or keyword in their profile. We also target managers of the businesses for the companies, who use LinkedIn as a business lead generator.

#GPSMARKETING_TIP: LinkedIn is the Present and the Future of Marketing on Social Media


On Twitter, we attract the right audience by applying the same techniques as on other Social Media platforms. We find target audience by their interests and engage them with the brand.

As well, Twitter allows us to engage with the ‘followers’ of your brand’s competitors.

#GPSMARKETING_TIP: Twitter is the number One Social Media platform for reaching the Saudi Arabian market.

These methods of attracting the customers on Social Media are proven to be the most effective. At the same time, we know that attracting potential customers is only a part of the strategy. Content creation is the second part, and content that converts potential customer to an actual customer is our specialty.

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