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Radio Advertisement

Nowadays, many people underestimate the importance of Radio Marketing. Some believe that it’s not as effective as online marketing, others that it’s an old-fashioned way to promote business. However, according to the latest research, 93% of the UAE residents listen up to 9 hours of radio a week. So, what is a radio advertising and how can it benefit the businesses? 

What Is Radio Advertising?

Radio advertising definition can be explained as the commercials run of radio stations. It differs in length and thematic. Like any other type of advertisement, it has its own advantages and disadvantages, so why should anyone consider advertising on Radio? 

Of course, unlike digital or printed marketing, there is a lack of visual appeal as well as sometimes poor attentiveness, however, there are benefits that can outweigh this. For example: 

  1. You can select your target audience. Every radio station already targets a particular market and demographic segment, so it is much easier to reach the audience you are looking for.
  2. It is more memorable, as particular sounds or information that was heard increase imagination and curiosity as well as stays deeper in the memory.
  3. Compared to some other advertising tools, for example, TV marketing, it so more cost-effective.
  4. As people prefer listening to the same radio station one of the main advantages is consistent targeting. In order to build brand awareness, you should expose the advertisement repeatedly. Promoting on the same radio station you can target the same people more often.
  5. And of course, the reach. Imagine how many people will hear your advertisement at the same time? Thousands, if not millions.

What Are the Secrets of a Successful Radio Advertising?

As it was mentioned above, poor attentiveness is one of the reasons the ad can be missed, as listeners might be busy with driving or their work, so what is the secret of a powerful radio advertising? 

Before you start advertising on Radio you should, first of all, know your audience: who are they, what do they like, what language do they speak. If the radio station you chose is a business one, make sure to keep the same tone of the ad.

Secondly, pick the right day and time. 

7 am – 10 am is the start of the day when people go to work and they are ready to hear the news, they are eager to know new. 

12 pm – 2 pm is the lunchtime when the majority want to chill and enjoy the break, however, those who listen to the radio at that time are loyal to the certain station, for example, due to their favorite program. Advertising continuously at that time you will be able to build brand awareness faster.

5 pm – 7 pm is the time when people are more relaxed as the tiring day is finished and now they are ready to go home or do some shopping, so this is the time to sell. 

Thirdly, prepare a catchy radio advertising script. There are different types of radio advertising like: 

  • live read (when the host of the program reads the commercial in real-time online);
  • sponsorship (for example an update on the traffic jam or the weather condition);
  • produced spot (the most popular one as it tells listeners about the company/product/service in a way that is memorable).

Remember that any radio ad should: 

  1. Draw attention (especially the first 5 seconds)
  2. Fewer is better, so in a couple of sentences explain your service or product (don’t overcrowd the ad with details and make it simple) 
  3. Present a strong call-to-action (easy and catchy number, email or the location)
  4. Add emotions to your message 

How much does radio advertising cost in Dubai?

In the UAE one of the most popular and the most expensive English radio stations is Virgin Radio. Virgin radio advertising rates like any other radio station depends on the length of the commercial, its frequency of broadcasting and the timing. Make sure to ask for the radio advertisement script example before you agree on the agency to prepare yours. 

And, before choosing the radio remember 


that is why choose smart, as every radio advertising agency in Dubai suggests the list of the radio stations you can choose from as well as provides competitive prices. 

Why Should I Choose to Work with GPS Marketing?

As our clients have a different targeted audience and we made sure to work only with the best radio stations to cover our clients’ needs. The list of our radio stations includes: 

  • Tag 91.1 is a fully dedicated Filipino radio station in the UAE and allows you to target the biggest Filipino community.
    • Dubai 92 is the English language radio station that is loved by all the families.
    • Radio Shoma 93.4 is the only Farsi station in the UAE that has an increase in listeners every day.
    • Hit 96.7 is the biggest Malayalam music station in the UAE.
    • Al Arabiya 99 is the largest Arabic station that is loved by locals and ex-pats in the UAE.
    • Al Khaleejiya 100.9 is the number one Emirati radio station among nationals and GCC ex-pats.
    • City 1016 is the leading Bollywood music and Hindi channel.
    • Dubai Eye 103.8 is the number one English talk radio station that is popular among the HNI (high-network individuals).
    • Virgin Radio Dubai 104.4 is the most popular radio in the UAE loved by a youthful audience and English-speaking listeners.   

So, let us suggest the best radio station for you.

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