WE ARE A DIGITAL MAGIC AGENCY Friend Dear future client Today everyone is advertising and it’s much harder to win clients online than it used to be 5 years ago. Little content here and there, generic sales funnels just don’t work anymore. You need to outsmart your competition, calculate every step of your client’s purchase […]

About Us

GPS Marketing Agency is a full-fledged award-winning digital marketing agency operating in Dubai, UAE, since August 2014.

Video & Photo Production

The advantage of getting photo and video sessions with a marketing agency is that you won’t just receive plain videos and photos, you will get content that will sell your product.

Social Media Services

37% of your target market is ready to buy your product but not now. To avoid spending a huge budget on constant unnecessary retargeting, you simply need to make people follow your account and retarget for free.


Business today cannot afford to rely only on referrals and cold calls. We wish there were other inexpensive ways to get clients rather than online marketing. But humanity hasn’t created anything more effective and cheaper than Social Media and Search Engine advertising yet.

Case Study Real Estate

We manage many real estate accounts. We’ve been working with brokerage firms and developers for the past eight years.

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Marketing Strategy & Advertising