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How to Increase Instagram Followers?

Why do you need it?


Did you know that more than 80% of accounts on Instagram follow at least one brand? Why can’t they follow yours?

Social Media presence is essential for a business of any size, especially operating in the UAE and the Middle East. But many business owners are still wondering why they should pay attention to the followers’ growth and social media posts. To make it simple, your followers are your customers. As many you have, as more sales you can get.

6 reasons Why Is It Important to constantly grow your Instagram Followers?

  • Increase in sales #sales

When you have a good amount of targeted Followers, your Instagram transforms to an active sales platform where you can sell your products.

  • Free online publicity

If you pay attention to the content that you produce, it’s valuable for your Instagram followers, your followers will share your content with their contacts. Which means you will get free media mentions and check-ins (one of the Word-of-Mouth strategies).

  • People will trust your brand #trustworthy

The high number of Instagram followers helps the brand to appear more trustworthy. For example, if the account has 100 followers, your potential customers might not take it seriously as it shows that your brand is not yet popular. On the other hand, we are not talking about fake Instagram followers. Don’t get into that trap. You can have a number, but no sales.

  • More followers lead to higher engagement #engagement

Higher engagement leads to higher visibility. Not many of you know that Instagram has an algorithm that decides how many people will see your posts. One of the key factors that influence the algorithm is the level of engagement and activity on your Instagram account. When you grow your followers constantly your account is active and your engagement rate is increasing, Instagram shows your posts to a larger number of people.

  • An extra source for your website traffic  #website

If you sell online, website traffic is essential and is never enough. Instagram is just another platform that can convert leads to your potential buyers. Make sure to insert the link in the bio for easier access.

  • Add new features to your posts #swipeleft or #swipeup

When you reached 10K followers, you have an option to add a feature “swipe up” to your stories. With the help of this feature, your Instagram followers can easily go to your website or contact you in WhatsApp. Swipe up raises sales by 40%.

So, keeping in mind all these benefits, many are wondering how to get more followers on Instagram? Of course, you can always buy Instagram followers, but what will it give you? You can be among those with the most Followers on Instagram, but no likes, no comments and no sales.

Instagram Followers increase is one of our services in GPS Marketing Agency,

WE DON’T SELL FOLLOWERS! We know how to increase Instagram followers organically!

We designed software that helps us automatically engage with people and attract attention to your Instagram account.

After defining the target audience and developing a marketing strategy for your brand, we target potential clients based on:

  • Location
  • Interests

When this filtering strategy is ready, we engage with your potential clients by ‘liking’ their pictures, and ‘following’ their accounts to show them how much we value them. By applying our technique, we guarantee the natural growth of followers, profile visits, likes, visibility and engagement.

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