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GPS Marketing Academy is a part of GPS Marketing Agency that was created in 2020, when the world was paused by the pandemic.

Since then we provide offline and online masterclasses where we teach business owners, real estate agents, doctors, lawyers, consultants and other professionals how to manage their Social Media, develop their company and personal brands, and get clients online

Our masterclasses are truly amazing. they are built on practice. We have different programs:

Theoretical, where attendees learn how to apply marketing science in the digital world

Workshops, where we teach how to launch advertising campaigns, edit videos and prepare a content plan.

It’s worth mentioning that after attending our training, professionals feel comfortable in managing their social media content and advertising on their own.
We’ve had great success stories throughout the years whereby real estate agents were closing on 35 Million AED in one month by implementing our training’s lead generation practices.

We also provide corporate trainings for companies like real estate agencies, clinics, consultancy firms, who want to train their experts on how to manage personal Instagram accounts in order to maximize leads for their business.
We offer our standard and customizable programs based on what your team members would like to learn.

If you are looking to study yourself, we offer different masterclasses.
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Marketing Strategy & Advertising