“Branding is the art of becoming knowable, likeable, and trustable” – John Jantsch

And this is true, as your brand defines your company and represents it to your customers. It is much more than just a logo design, a name or a colour palette. A strong brand helps your customers to identify your company from others and relate your name to your services.

For example, Nike.

Some people might forget their logo, but when they hear “Just do it” the first thing that comes to mind is NIKE.

Or McDonald’s. I’m loving g it.

And this is the purpose of branding – to identify a product or service and distinguish it from others.

Businesses with strong brands keep their loyal customers in the long run. They can obtain new customers easier, as people already know and trust them.

The main aim of any brand and digital agency is to help companies to either create a brand identity from scratch or to find better ways to communicate it.


GPS Marketing is a branding agency in Dubai that provides a variety of services to clients based on their particular needs. Some companies do not need rebranding. They just need to refresh or create business cards design, menu design, website design, posters design, online newsletter design etc. With professional graphic designers, content creators, copywriters onboard we know how to turn a company into a brand.

Our brand strategy creation consists of such components as:

  • Naming

Have you ever heard the phrase “As you name the boat, so shall it float”? Think about it when you name a company, as this is how your customers will remember you. If the name is too long or too complicated, people might get confused or will simply forget after some time. We, based on the market research and your audience analysis, will help you to create the name that will “stuck” in people’s heads.

  • Logo design

A logo design will help your customers associate your brand with your services or products. Our mission is, from brand awareness and brand identity point of view, to create the logo that represents the company values.

  • Brand messaging

Brand messaging defines everything about your company. Everything your company “says” should have a meaning and it should be represented in your brand message.

  • What do I offer to my customers?
  • Why my business is different from others?
  • What my clients get from me that they can’t from others?

As professionals in the field, we know how to craft the right message for your customers that will make them “buy”.

  • Brand positioning

Brand positioning is important for both new and existing businesses.

“Where do I stand among my competitors?”

This is the question that needs special attention and deep market research. It defines your strong points that will convince potential clients to choose your company over another one.

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  • Brand voice

Each brand has its own voice it uses to communicate with the audience. Based on the industry, company culture and your customers, we determine the right approach.

  • Brand-book

Brand-book or style guide will help you and your employees to follow the brand’s guidelines. It sums up all graphic design principles mentioned above, including a color palette of the brand, brand fonts, the principles of brochure design and business card design, how the letterheads and email signatures should look like.

  • Social media branding

Different Social Media platforms require attention. To be able to stay true to your brand messaging and voice across all Social Media channels, we, as professionals, will help you to be different on media networks without sacrificing brand integrity.

  • Company profile design

For your customers being able to know more about your products or services, showcase your clients and current status, we will design and prepare a professional company profile design.

So, why should you choose GPS Marketing as your branding agency?

By choosing us you will get the first-class support with all your branding needs. With our approach we will help you:

  1. To build your brand identity from scratch.
  2. Rebrand existing businesses.
  3. Create a clear brand strategy.
  4. Design company logo, business cards, letterhead, website design.
  5. For the F&B sector, we are assisting with menu design, packaging, and uniform design.
  6. Formulate brand guidelines for design, style, and tone.

Remember, your brand speaks 1000 words. The way you introduce your company to the audience this is how they will percept you.

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