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Arabic marketing for your business is very important as it is common knowledge that the official language in the UAE is Arabic, however, 99% of the population speaks English. That is why in the Middle East the most commonly used languages on social media are English (48%) and Arabic (45%). Promoting your business only in English and ignoring the fact that almost half of the users are looking for information in Arabic makes you lose in the number of customers. The same applies to other languages.

If you want to target the UAE nationals and GCC market, Arabic is the must-have on your website, social media and all communication channels.

Some facts for you:
1. Approximately 54% of Google searches in the MENA region are done in Arabic and 34% in English.
2. Saudi Arabia is listed #1 country with the most Arabic searchers, Egypt is on the second and the UAE is on the third.
3. Besides, based on the studies, female Emiratis are among the highest users of social media in the world.

Your social media should have an Arabic copy, your website needs to have an option of the Arabic language. Ignoring the fact that almost half of the users are looking for the information in Arabic makes you lose in the number of customers and we know that. Consider it while building your digital marketing strategy.

Working with us, you will receive first-class professional Arabic digital marketing services. We have native Arabic speakers in-house, as we understand that outsourcing might lead to lower quality, poor results, and a high possibility of missing the deadline.

We produce Arabic-oriented content that includes:

    1. Arabic SEO
      1. Arabic keyword search and analysis;
      2. Arabic SEO strategy;
      3. Arabic Link Building;
      4. Arabic content.
    2. Arabic Google Ads
      1. Analysis of the Arabic version of the website, its positioning in paid search and among competitors;
      2. Arabic Keyword search and analysis;
      3. Creation of professional Arabic Landing Pages;
      4. Setting up Google account and optimizing it for the Arabic market;
      5. Providing backlinks from relevant country sites, etc.
    3. Arabic Content Creation
      1. Creation of Arabic oriented Content for all social media platforms;
      2. Taking care of your Business Identity on Google and Social Media;
      3. Managing your brand on various platforms;
      4. Arabic targeting;
      5. Organic increase in engagement rate on social media platforms, etc.
    4. Arabic WhatsApp Marketing
        1. Production of Arabic content;
        2. Assistance with creating a professional message in Arabic.
      1. Website development
        1. Making the website SEO friendly;
        2. Providing Arabic lead generation services;
        3. Arabic Code optimization;
        4. Professional Arabic content creation;
        5. Connecting the website to all social media platforms, etc.

All our services have the following steps:

        • Consultation about marketing strategy with professional Arabic account manager,
        • Analysis of the current situation and suggesting the points that should be changed or corrected,
        • Proposal for the marketing plan that is tailored to present your brand,
        • Weekly/bi-weekly reports of the progress.

If you want to get more details, get an analysis of your website and discuss the marketing plan, please feel free to leave us the request.

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