The animation is about storytelling: it’s the story of your brand, products or services.

Animated videos help to increase engagement, brand awareness, online ranking and, as a result, conversion rate. Some of you might ask, why should I include animation in my digital marketing strategy?

– It is proven that 64%- 85% of people are more likely to purchase after watching a product video.

– As animation is a mix of pictures, text, motion, voice, sound effects and music it is a powerful tool to present your idea in a short time. Viewers stay longer on the platform to learn more about your product or service when there is a video. Like it is said, “It is better to see something once than to hear or read about it a thousand times”.

– Viewers tend to save and share the material they like. Video marketing campaigns increase CTR by 750%.

– Based on the recent research, adding video to your website increasing your chance to be on the first page of Google search by 53 times.

– An animated video has a long-lasting impact, as it stays in the viewers’ memories longer. Do you remember how a polar bear loves “Coca-Cola”?

– An animated video, unlike live-action video increases imagination. In animation, the most important part is the message that you want to send to your viewers.


We are a digital marketing agency that specializes in creative live and animated video production.

Accounting, healthcare, retail, F&B … no matter what is your business we know how to present it uniquely and interestingly.

We provide:

– 2D & 3D animated videos,

– Business Explainer Videos,

– Infographics Videos,

– Interacted Videos,

– Whiteboard Animation Videos.


Every of our production services includes the following steps:
1. Studying and Brainstorming

During this phase, we learn more about your business and brand, study your company’s profile, and examine the links of the videos you like. Based on that as well as your goals we brainstorm the perfect ideas for the animation.

2. Plan, script and storyboard writing

After designing the plan of the video, our creative gurus will prepare the 1st option of your script with voiceover details as well as present animation ideas for you to choose from.

3. Illustration and testing

We will prepare the static illustrated frames for each scene, so if any changes should be done, we can do them before production.
4. Animation production

During this stage, we create the animation, add music, voiceover, and needed sound effects. Your happiness and satisfaction are our priority, so we are ready to work until you are 100% satisfied.

So now, when you know our process, here is the list of the services that we provide.

* Animate your logo
Logo animation gives you more ways to express the brand and present it. As this type of logos is not widespread it will help your customers to remember and recognize it faster.

* Prepare an animated company presentation
What can be better than to use a memorable and colorful video to present your brand, services, and products? Colors, music, pictures stay in memory longer, so there are higher chances for the viewer to become a customer.

*Include animation in your Social Media Strategy
People are visually oriented creatures who prefer visual images. If you present your information with animation, it makes the material more persuasive, easier and faster to remember. Based on Facebook’s new algorithm videos are proved to be more effective, as they are preferred more over the images. It results in a higher reach and conversion rate.

* Add to the landing page
As we mentioned above people prefer animated videos over the images. Besides, adding them to the landing page increase the conversion rate by 80%. To grab viewers’ attention the video should be catchy. It is proven that if the viewers are not “caught” in the first couple of seconds, they will simply leave the page.

We always adapt it to various online channels.Different platforms have different purposes, meaning that videos should be adapted accordingly. For example, people come to:

  • YouTube to watch educational videos,
  • Instagram and Facebook for personal interest,
  • Twitter to engage viewers,
  • LinkedIn for professional videos.

Keeping that in mind we always make sure to diversify animations we create, e.g. whiteboard animation, infographics, motion graphics, interacted videos, etc.

* Help to explain your offers

According to the research from Wyzowl, 83% of businesses have gotten the leads from an explainer video on the homepage. It is proven that people usually watch a live explainer video only if they are interested in the product/service and want to know more about it.

As you see, we know what we are doing, and we always make sure to create memorable and sellable animations that are turning into Coca-Cola’s polar bear.

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